The Global Challah Bake

Thursday 5th November 2020


The Global Challah Bake!

In these difficult times, now more than ever, we need to unite. That is why we are joining-up to create an event which transcends the miles, and brings together Jewish women from around the world, bringing the taste of Shabbat into the homes of families everywhere.

While it might feel a little different from the Challah bakes in years past, this is an opportunity like never before. As cities shut down, grandparents stopped hugging grandkids and full time parents became full time teachers, one of the things that remains consistent is Shabbat - an anchor in all the craziness. The irony is that this year, we may be closer to each other than ever before. Whether we are in Prague or New York, Golders Green or Colombia – we are all home!

On the 5th and 6th of November, for 24 hours, visit our page at any time and see Jewish women from across the world baking Challah.

If you would like to attend a Challah bake in your country, please click on your flag below and register to attend the bake.

Happy baking and Shabbat Shalom!


*Click on a flag to register*

New Zealand

6:30am GMT - 7:30pm local


12pm GMT - 8pm local


1:30pm GMT - 3:30pm local

Moscow, Russia

4:30pm GMT - 7:30pm local

Toronto, Canada

11:30pm GMT - 6:30pm local

Sydney, AUS

8am GMT - 7pm local

Dubai, UAE

1pm GMT - 5pm local

Prague, Czech Republic

5:30pm GMT - 6:30pm local


9pm GMT - 4pm local


12am GMT - 6pm local

Melbourne, AUS

9am GMT - 8pm local


3pm GMT

United Kingdom

6:30pm GMT - 6:30pm local


10pm GMT - 5pm local

New York, USA

1am GMT - 8pm local

Hong Kong

5:30am GMT - 1:30pm local

South Africa

3:30pm GMT - 5:30pm local


7:30pm GMT - 8:30pm local


11pm GMT - 5pm local

Vancouver, Canada

3am GMT - 7pm local